Why A Luxury Wood Playhouse?

Our family attends a lot of tradeshows everything from Barrett Jackson to Home and Gardens so we get to meet a lot of amazing people and most people who our pirateship playhouses absolutely fall in love, they can’t believe everything they see from the top quality materials to the size of the actual ships but there are so many other reasons why you should consider our ships.

Gifting your child with a luxury wood playhouse is the probably one of the best things that they will live to remember. This is the kind of playhouse that will provide your kid absolute comfort. But be warned that not every contractor can provide quality luxury wood playhouse. At dixonwoodworking.com, we have built an impeccable reputation for providing top quality luxury wood playhouses. These are some of the reasons why you should hire us:

• Enhanced landscape appearance
Although we provide the luxury playhouses for children, we are also aware of their impact to your general home compound. The fact that they are built outdoors, they will directly affect your landscaping efforts. At Dixon Woodworking, we are very much alive to this fact, and that’s we provide the service with your landscaping needs in mind. We will study the compound and select the best space where the playhouse can enhance you compound appearance. We have great architectural designs for the client to choose for this purpose. The structure will spruce up your garden and enhance the beauty of your compound significantly.

• Customized services
One thing with our quality built luxury wood playhouse services in customization’s. Unlike most of the contractors who are rigid in their designs, we are very flexible in making changes to suit your needs and taste. We offer customized services to our clients. If you need the playhouse to be constructed in a certain way, we will put your views into consideration. In other words, you can dictate on how you want the playhouse to be constructed.


• Added details
Our luxury playhouse is not just a simple structure but an alternative to a home. It is added more details to make the child feel that they have a house that they can call theirs. From design, these playhouses are bigger than the common ones. It is designed in a way that it can accommodate small furniture, lighting, and other facilities. Our goal is ensuring that your child is provided with a place where they feel that they own a home.

• Versatility
Our products are very versatile when it comes to age. It is tricky for many contractors to design a product that can serve different age groups. As the child advance in age, they will have different tastes and preference. You might find out that the playhouse you constructed for them when they were 4 years old is no longer attractive to them when they reach 7 years. But with us, our luxury wood playhouses can accommodate all age groups. One is enough till the kid is all grown up.

• Top notch Quality
One thing that stands out with our luxury playhouse is quality. Unlike the other playhouses, we are very particular with the quality right from the construction material to the designs. The quality of is the best that you can find on the market. We do not just construct a structure whose designs will fade in just a matter of months down the line. At Dixon Woodworking, we have designs that will withstand the test of time. Everything that we use is of top notch quality to ensure that you have gotten value for your money.