We are so blessed to share these testimonials and articles with you.  We want to extend a huge Thank You to each person who took the time to write, speak, and share about our products.  We also want to thank the many news & radio stations across the United States who interviewed us.

Naomi, Home Owner

I can’t tell you how much we have all enjoyed our Pirate Ship.  I appreciate all the communication and special care I have received throughout this process.  You have a wonderful family and I enjoyed so much working with Jeff and Brian.  It was such a fun experience. – Naomi, Home Owner

Portland Home & Garden Show

“This is the ULTIMATE playhouse!  Who doesn’t want a Pirate Ship in their back yard? This is the greatest playhouse we have ever seen at the show… Arrrgh!”
2013 Portland Home & Garden Show

Flappin’ Flags

“Had a great visit from one of our amazing customers today. We think everyone needs one of these great Pirate Ship playhouses. Complete with cannons, anchor and sound effects. Thanks for coming by!” – Flappin’ Flags

Home Owner Testimonial – Cathy

Home Owner Testimonial – Rick

Arizona Daily Star – Home and Garden Show

Jeff Dixon, president of Dixon Woodworking Inc, fires off a cannon on his wooden pirate ship clubhouse complete with plank floors, mouldings, slide(in lieu of a plank) and hand-painted finish during the setup for the Pima County Home and Garden Show at the Tucson Convention Center, 260 S Church Ave. The show offers an opportunity to meet with vendors and businesses to learn the latest in home improvement ideas, green building, remodeling, gardening, cooking and also save money through show-only discounts. There are “How To” demonstrations and seminars by leading experts. “Thar be pirates ahead” as Dixon Woodworking shows off the pirate ship they make complete with sound effects.

The photo (above) was taken on Thursday, June 25, 2015, in Tucson, Ariz. – compliments of Arizona Daily Star Newspaper

Extreme Family Clubhouses – Fun for the entire family

Dixon Woodworking is a small family owned and operated company founded in 1980 in the heart of the Willamette Valley. The vision for this product came from our oldest grandson who dreamed of having a real pirate ship to play on. Together our family has taken this idea and created a one-of-a-kind Extreme Pirate Ship Clubhouse.

Carved plank floors & mouldings, poly carbonate windows, and a hand painted finish give our clubhouses the true authentic look and feel of a real pirate ship. Using marine grade materials we’ve crafted a high quality product designed to last. An onboard computer controls the sound system and cannons allowing for the ultimate pirate experience. Our line of add-on’s including a swing, slide, and dock can bring your clubhouse to a whole new level of fun. Our Extreme Pirate Ship Clubhouse are made for the whole family to enjoy!

Jeff Dixon and his family at Dixon woodworking make some of the most badass pirate ship clubhouses you’re ever going to see. You don’t even need to have kids because they’re built for adults too.

The story of how the company came together is very touching.  And Jeff takes me through their whole process of building and delivering their ships.  Plus some great stories of news anchors falling on their asses.  (Yep, really.)

Click here to listen to the interview

– A Pirate Podcast, Hosted by Phil Johnson

This spring of 2015 our Pirate Ship Clubhouses were featured at the Fresno Home & Garden Show in Fresno California.  We had the pleasure of having a live interview with Fresno California’s KSEE24 News.

FOX5 Las Vegas Interview

Renaissance School Interviews

A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences are the proud owners of a Queen Anne’s Revenge Pirate Ship Clubhouse.  And they LOVE it!  We were so happy to receive these wonderful testimonials from kids and their teachers!  Thank you guys!

Kitsap Harbor Festival

Kids’ Zone with Pirates Clubhouse

A Pirate Ship takes about 3 weeks to build.  They are all custom built. The ships can be made with a swing-set, slide and a gang plank walk.  The ship houses a miniature computer.

Our son-in-law developed the software system which does the sound effects and music. This was made to be customized and programmable, thru a USB stick using normal mp3 files. The customer makes the choice of what their ship will sound like.

We chose to use marine grade mahogany. It is extremely strong, very durable and will withstand the weather. It is built to last and no splinters for the little pirates.  The ship pieces will fit through a small gate opening and if you move simply unbolt and take it with you. It can be put inside or outside.

Are you searching for the Ultimate outdoor play structure? Set sail on one of our ships. You can fire the cannon, dance to pirate music, sword fight, steer the ship, sort the loot or keep a look out from the upper deck! This ship is built to last.  Made from marine grade mahogany. Our ship comes with a miniature computer for sound effects and music, which you can customize thru a USB stick, using normal mp3 files.

With plenty of space for the whole family to play on.  It’s every little pirate’s dream!  This ship will fit through a small opening (24″ minimum) and can be put indoor or out.

Fox40 News out of Sacramento CA invited us for a interview as we make way to the Napa-Solano Home Show later this week.  We had a great time and were honored to be featured! Thanks guys!

“Paul Robins slid down a pirate ship – but not your ordinary pirate ship, one that can serve as a playground for the kids or amazing outdoor decor for the yard.  The pirate ship clubhouses are the brainchild of Oregon-based Dixon Woodworking Inc.  The company stopped by Fox40 before heading to the 25th annual Napa-Solana Spring Home & Garden show in Napa where it will display the ship through May 15 – May 17.” FOX40 News, Sacramento

Our family has had an amazing journey dreaming, designing, brainstorming, and creating our Pirate Ship Clubhouses.  We are blown away at the response we’ve received from the public.  We are excited to announce our President Jeff, will have a exclusive interview with comedian & host Dave Anderson from KATU AM Northwest.

Ahoy! Pirate Ship Clubhouses

Hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail on the Queen Anne’s Revenge, one of the newest in an amazing array of giant vessels. You’ll see this ship at the Napa-Solano Home & Garden Show, April 29th through May 1st.

Step on board. There’s room for the whole family, even grown up rum-runners. The roomy cabin, complete with sound system, is sized to store your booty and a great place to keep dry in rough seas. There is a 12 foot length and a 14’ length. Blimey! What a clubhouse! Watch out ye mini pirates! Adults have been known to hang out on deck and host a few tea and wine parties.

Choose your favorite Pirate music then load it onto the USB drive and hear your ship sound off with chants and booms! Steer it, fire the cannons, set the anchor. It’s fantasy come to life! Like having a theme park in your own back yard.

Created and constructed by Dixon Woodworking, the Pirate Ship idea was inspired by Jeff Dixon’s five-year-old grandson who wanted a pirate ship to play on. There are no other play structures like these. Made of marine-grade mahogany, your ship will be extremely strong and can withstand all kinds of weather. No splinters for little pirates and their neighborhood buckos.

You decide what your ship will include because each one is made-to-order. The miniature computer system is programmable, so you decide what the ship will sound like. Each pirate ship takes about three weeks to build.

Each structure ships in pre-finished sections that fit through most standard size gate openings. If you move to a new home, simply unbolt it and take it with you.

There are other models to choose from including the Ice Maiden. A cold, icy, winter wonderland encompasses every inch of this stunning ship. The Ice Maiden, frozen with icicles, is hand-painted a frosty blue and shimmers with glitter. The frosty scrolls, ships wheel, and plank floor make everyone feel as if they have truly stepped into a snowy new land. Escape into the cozy cabin to count the loot and warm up. Then head up the icy steps to the upper deck where you can steer the ship, fire the cannons, and go down the slide. It’s a favorite of all little sailors, including pirate maidens!

If your “dry-dock” space or your doubloon stash is limited, The Explorer is a delightful choice. This little ship has a clean simple look with a brown finish, bold yellow trim, and red accents. Mateys can steer the ship, ring the bell, and fire the bow cannon. The roomy cabin is a great place to store all the loot and keep dry in rough seas.

So, don’t be a landlubber! Ships ahoy at the Napa-Solano Home & Garden Show!

Request from sick grandson sparks pirate ship business

By Megan Thompson.

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – It started like a page in a storybook for Zack Dixon.  “I was watching a pirate movie and I made my Papa pause it for a couple times,” said Zack, who wanted to be part of the swash-buckling lifestyle.  “He asked uh, he said – ‘Papa, I want a pirate ship,'” said his ‘Papa’ Jeff Dixon.  But, those words were difficult for Zack to express.  “When he asked for this pirate ship he was just learning to talk at almost four years old,” Dixon explained to KGUN 9.  Zack was diagnosed with a deadly bacterial meningitis and could barely get out the words he was trying to say while recovering.  Dixon said “his words were all slurred and they weren’t all correct. But, we got ‘papa’ and ‘pirate ship’ and he was so excited when I drew it.”  His family couldn’t say no to his dream when they knew they almost lost the now vibrant little boy.  Brian Dixon is Jeff Dixon’s son and said, he didn’t think this would become a large-scale company.  “We were thinking that we would just build up one pirate ship in our yard to play with and that was it,” said Brian Dixon.  But, the one project soon turned into a family business where they made the ultimate backyard playgrounds.  They cater to customers where they customize each ship, costing anywhere from $13,000 to $30,000.  “Each customer makes it however they choose,” Jeff Dixon explained. “Different colors, different themes, different sizes… We let them decide what’s going to make them happy.”  Now, the smiling face that started the whole thing, can’t thank his ‘Papa’ enough.  “I love it and I’ll always gonna go outside and play with it,” said Zack.

If you want to see Dixon Woodworking, they will be at the Pima Home and Garden Show Friday through Sunday.  Tickets for the show are $8 and kids 16 and under are free.  For more information, you can click here.  To learn more about Dixon Woodworking and how you can get a pirate ship of your own, click here.

The Oregonian

Not everyone can build a pirate ship clubhouse from scratch. Some wanna-be scallywags buy custom cannon ships to protect their backyard.  But at these mast-high prices, pint-size pirates with big dreams of setting sail across fantasy seas will need bags of loot from parents or grandparents.  Fortunately, adults interested in tiny houses and outdoor entertaining are ordering 10-foot-tall pirate ships, too, says Jeff Dixon of Dixon Woodworking of Scio, Oregon. Grown-up rum-runners want to climb all around the handmade ship painted Battle Scar Red with gold accents. “It’s a little piece of Disneyland,” he says.  His latest model is the Queen Anne’s Revenge: The 16-foot version is $14,998 (it will be sold at the wholesale price of $10,995 at the Yard, Garden and Patio Show Feb. 27-March 1 at the Oregon Convention Center); the 18-foot version is $17,998 ($12,995 at this weekend’s show).

Wealthy pirates who have the booty to pay for a ship made of marine-grade mahogany and plywood are outfitted with these expensive-to-make amenities:

  • A ladder leads to the upper deck where pirates of all sizes can steer the ship, keep a look out and fire the cannon.
  • A cabin houses a computerize sound system that emits chanties and sound effects. Boom!
  • Sails and a crow’s nest are overhead; there are ropes and an anchor to drop below.

Dixon makes smaller, less expensive pirate ships (and sells older models on craigslist for less than the cost of materials, about $6,100). He’s also interested in working with charities to raise money raffling or selling the ships off.  “It’s all about having fun with the family,” says Dixon, whose woodworking company used to outfit high-end RVs.  Ships take three to eight weeks to construct. The price includes delivery and installation in Oregon and Washington. For more information, call 503-394-4339.

Janet Eastman, The Oregonian.  Access the Article

Napa Solano Home & Garden Show Newspaper

Napa Solano Home & Garden Show Program