Sound System

Bring your Luxury Pirate Ship Playhouse to life!

Turn on the lights, dance to festive pirate music, fire the cannons, and relax to the crashing of ocean waves with our exclusive sound system.

Designed exclusively for our Luxury Family Playhouses.

Our very own computer engineer was the mastermind behind the idea of creating a sound system for our Luxury Playhouses.  He has designed and programmed it exclusively for our company.  It is only featured in our Luxury Playhouses.  Together with our technician, they tested, perfected, and improved the sound system until it was exemplary.

Our sound system is user friendly and simple to operate. 

All you need is the Sound Key (USB drive) which is provided with every Luxury Playhouse.  Each Sound Key is prefilled with music and sounds effects – including authentic cannon fire sounds.

Create an atmosphere that’s calling for adventure.

Change your music for parties or family gatherings.  Simply add your own music/sounds by dropping your mp3 files onto the Sound Key and you’re ready to go.

(Sound System will only operate with the provided Sound Key.)
Pirate Ship Playhouse Sound System -Dixon Woodworking Inc.

A carved mahogany box inside the cabin houses the sound system, Sound Key, and volume controls.

Your sound system will operate rain or shine, snow or heat, thanks to the extra measures our technicians took.  From waterproof cables and connectors to stainless steel waterproof buttons.

Fire the cannons and feel the rumble of the blast.

Press any of the cannon buttons to fire them.  Hear the authentic sounds resonate through the marine grade speakers.  Music plays from 2 speakers located in the bow and behind the ladder on the cabin wall.  Crashing waves, seagulls, dancing pirate music, or your favorite hits can fill the air.

Turn on the lights and enjoy your Luxury Playhouse at night!

Set the mood with a warm glow of light illuminating from your playhouse at night.  With 3 exterior lights and 1 interior light you can play and party well into the night.  Control the lighting from inside the cabin.

Pirate Ship Playhouse -Dixon Woodworking Inc.
Pirate Ship Playhouse -Dixon Woodworking Inc.
Pirate Ship Playhouse -Dixon Woodworking Inc.