Pirate Ship Playhouses Are Awesome – Here’s Why!

Pirate Ship Playhouses Are Awesome – Here’s Why!

Reasons Pirate Ship Playhouses Are Awesome

Dixon Woodworking is a family operated and owned company which was founded in 1980. It was started in the heart of Willamette Valley. The pirate ship playhouse vision was brought about by the eldest grandson of the family. This grandson wished for a real pirate ship which could be used for playing. Through this idea, the family came up with a special pirate ship playhouse. The pirate ship is highly durable and you will never regret ordering it since it will serve generations and generations to come. It is the only thing that you will need to purchase to keep your family happy and engaged.

There are numerous benefits that you will enjoy by considering having this playhouse for your family. One of the advantages of having this high-quality family playhouse is the amount of fun you harvest fro it. It is also a safe place to be in the comfort of your yard.

If you have been looking for an inspiring creation, then this is the family house that you have been looking for. It encourages exploration, independence, promotes exercises and learning as well. This means that it is going to help your children grow with sharp minds and great inspiration. The best thing about this playhouse is that it is portable. Therefore, once you purchase it and it is assembled in your backyard, you can be able to move it from one place to another when need be. The playhouse is like a piece of art that will definitely decorate your backyard for the envy of anyone who sees it. The reason why you should ensure that you buy it I because it is a unique treasure which will create great and enjoyable memories for times to come. The treasure will also inspire great conversations for your future generations’

The most exciting thing about Dixon Woodworking is that each luxury playhouse designed here comes with intricate details. Their products are 3D carved trims to gold scrolls as well as accents. Ships made by this company take a look that is truly authentic and they get a feeling of pirate ships. The floors of these ships are made of wood with carved planks. The windows are polycarbonate enhancing the portability of this ship. The ship finally gets a hand painted finish from the artisans of this company. These are some of the reasons why you should go for it for the sake of your family’s fun and great times.

The company does not take much time installing this playhouse. This is because it only takes them less time to set it up. The installation process does not in any way damage the hosting ground. The reason why it is simple to set up is because the sections are already pre-finished and so, the only thing left to do is bolting the pieces together while setting up. The company does not leave you to install the playhouse by yourself. They do it for you and your family.

You definitely know that a pirate ship playhouse can never be complete without the songs or the cannon fire. This is the sole reason why this great and amazing company decided to design a sound system for the playhouse. The system is highly ergonomic as all you need is to have your mp3 sounds on the USB drive and there you are.

These are just some of the few reasons why you should hire this creative family company to take care of your family’s entertainment needs. Their playhouses are not only for kids, but for adults as well. they are meant to entertain the whole family and so no one in your family will be left out. Make an order today and you will never regret it.