KGUN9 Tuscon Arizona Interview

We were so honored to have Megan Thompson of KGUN9 news interview our team for a exclusive inside look at our business.  She captured the true heart of us.  Thank you Megan!

Request from sick grandson sparks pirate ship business

By Megan Thompson.

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – It started like a page in a storybook for Zack Dixon.  “I was watching a pirate movie and I made my Papa pause it for a couple times,” said Zack, who wanted to be part of the swash-buckling lifestyle.  “He asked uh, he said – ‘Papa, I want a pirate ship,'” said his ‘Papa’ Jeff Dixon.  But, those words were difficult for Zack to express.  “When he asked for this pirate ship he was just learning to talk at almost four years old,” Dixon explained to KGUN 9.  Zack was diagnosed with a deadly bacterial meningitis and could barely get out the words he was trying to say while recovering.  Dixon said “his words were all slurred and they weren’t all correct. But, we got ‘papa’ and ‘pirate ship’ and he was so excited when I drew it.”  His family couldn’t say no to his dream when they knew they almost lost the now vibrant little boy.  Brian Dixon is Jeff Dixon’s son and said, he didn’t think this would become a large-scale company.  “We were thinking that we would just build up one pirate ship in our yard to play with and that was it,” said Brian Dixon.  But, the one project soon turned into a family business where they made the ultimate backyard playgrounds.  They cater to customers where they customize each ship, costing anywhere from $13,000 to $30,000.  “Each customer makes it however they choose,” Jeff Dixon explained. “Different colors, different themes, different sizes… We let them decide what’s going to make them happy.”  Now, the smiling face that started the whole thing, can’t thank his ‘Papa’ enough.  “I love it and I’ll always gonna go outside and play with it,” said Zack.

If you want to see Dixon Woodworking, they will be at the Pima Home and Garden Show Friday through Sunday.  Tickets for the show are $8 and kids 16 and under are free.  For more information, you can click here.  To learn more about Dixon Woodworking and how you can get a pirate ship of your own, click here.