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Building a Luxury
Pirate Ship Playhouse

Our own master craftsman build each Luxury Playhouse with exceptional precision and quality. Every part is hand sanded and hand painted to provide a long lasting realistic looking ship, making each one a piece of art.  Intricate details encompass every inch of the Luxury playhouses – from a hand painted finish to gold scrolls, 3D carved trims and elegant accents.

We believe quality and safety go hand in hand.  Our Pirate Ship Playhouses are made from high quality materials making them built to last with low maintenance.  Constructed from marine grade mahogany with marine grade vinyl floors and cedar posts, our playhouses are made to withstand all weather.  Each Luxury Playhouse is made in prefinished sections. They are completely assembled in our shop for quality assurance and then re-assembled on site by the same master craftsmen who built it.  We intentionally designed our Luxury Playhouses to be taken apart in a few hours, making it simple to move to a new location if needed.