The ONLY clubhouse you will ever need to buy

We are a small family owned and operated company founded in 1980 in the heart of the Willamette Valley. The vision for this product came from our oldest grandson who dreamed of having a real pirate ship to play on.  Together our family has taken this idea and created a one-of-a-kind Extreme Pirate Ship Clubhouse.  This is the only clubhouse you will ever need to buy.  They are made to last.

Check out our new TIKI HUT!  Now available for purchase.


Set sail on one of our ships – fire the cannon, sword fight, dance to pirate music, steer the ship, sort the loot, or keep a look out from the upper deck!  With plenty of space for the whole family to play on – it’s every pirate’s dream!


We have designed our clubhouse to be EASY to install in just a few hours.  Each clubhouse comes in prefinished sections making it easy to put in a backyard or house – simply bolt them together.   Don’t worry about installing it by yourself, we do it for you at no additional charge!


Look closely and you will notice intricate details on every clubhouse we make.  From gold scrolls to 3D carved trims & accents.  We’ve designed our ships to take on the true authentic look and feel of a pirate ship.  Wood floors with carved planks, poly carbonate windows, and a hand painted finish adore every ship.


All of our clubhouses are fully customizable.  From paint color to carvings, we can create your very own Pirate Ship Clubhouse!  We can make any model accessible for wheelchairs.  Add a swing set, scoop slide, plank walk, or bunk seat extension – perfect for taking a nap on or drawing treasure maps .  The sky is the limit!


You can’t have a Pirate Ship Clubhouse with out cannon fire or pirate’s singing!  That’s exactly why we’ve designed and included a sound system in each of our clubhouse models.  We’ve also made them extremely user-friendly too!  Simply drop your mp3 sound files onto a USB drive and insert it into the box.  Each clubhouse comes with 2 marine grade Polk Audio speakers.


Take a few moments to view our Pirate Ship Clubhouse Video!  It’s packed with little mateys, a areal view, pirate music, and exclusive inside footage of the ships!